Online Video Poker in General

To begin with, Online Video Poker is widely spread around the world. It is extremely similar to Draw Poker. One of its advantages is that Online Video Poker enables a player to put a stake varying from $0.25 to $5. Indeed, it depends on online casino.

Rules of Online Video Poker

It should be noted that the rules of this online casino game are rather comprehensible and clear. Initially, you should make a wager. Afterwards, you merely hit the "Deal" button and receive your cards. Then, you should get a strong combination of cards.

If you are not satisfied with the current situation, you are able to change the cards, which you do not like. To do this you should hit the "Hold" button under the cards, which you are eager to keep and hit the "Deal" button one more time. After that, if you are through with it, you can hit the "Credit" button.

Double Playoff Round. In some variations of this game there is the so-called "Double Playoff Round", which enables a player to double his winnings after the first round. The essence of this "Double Playoff Round" is that a gambler should bet whether the final card will be stronger or weaker than the initial one. If it is stronger, a gambler wins. If it is weaker, then he loses.

The Basic Winning Combinations

Before starting to play this gambling game a player should get acquainted with a list of winning combinations. Here it is.

  • Two Pair: a combination of 2 sets of cards of identical value (for instance, Two Tens, Two Jacks)
  • Three of a Kind: a hand containing 3 cards of equal value (for example, Three Eights)
  • Four of a Kind: a combination of 4 cards of identical value (for instance, Four Kings)
  • Five of Kind: a hand containing 4 cards of the same value plus a Wild Card (for example, 4 Queens and a Wild Card)
  • Straight: a combination of 5 cards, which go consecutive, but their suit is not the same (for instance, Three of diamonds, Four of clubs, Five of hearts, Six of spades, Seven of clubs)
  • Flush: a combination of any 5 cards of the same suit
  • Straight Flush: a combination of 5 cards, which go consecutive and they are all of the same suit
  • Wild Royal Flash: the same combination as a Royal Flush, but including a Wild Card

So, as you can see, Online Video Poker turns out to be very simple and plain gambling game to play.