Privacy Statement

We always respect the importance of the privacy of our customer's personal information and we try every thing we can to secure the personal information of our clients. We have restrictions to use your personal or private information to our staffs and also for our agents and we need the personal information to provide you the best services and products of ours.

Information Collected

The information we collect, if for the business purpose only and we collect all the information under the satisfied law of this sector and this information is only used to provide your required services with exceed expectations. This information will help us to continue good relationship with you and this information will allow us to provide you our services and we collect only the email id, addresses, phone numbers, postal code, browsing data and credit card information from the visitors.

Exposé of Sensitive Information

The information will not be disclosed without knowing our clients and he will inform you first and if you give the authority to disclose the information only then we will disclose it and if the law wants to have your information then we will disclose it but we will notice you about the importance of it.

If the law requires, then we will disclose the personal information to the authority and this will only happen if we get a request of the law enforcement authority or if the court orders us to provide the information.

As the law allows, we can ask to the consumer reporting agencies to provide credit reports and also other reports of yours to approve your required services and products what you want to have from us.

Changes of Our Privacy Policy

The current privacy policy is a continuous upgrade of our original private policy and we always update this policy according to the laws and requirements. If we need we can update the policy and according to the new policy we will set the requirements of personal information. If you want o be updated about our latest privacy policy then you have to check our privacy policy page on here regularly.

Acceptance of Terms

While you are using this website, you agree with the terms and conditions of this website also with the rules of the privacy policy and we have authority to change our policy any time we want and you have to respect our policy to use our services.