Pai Gow Tips

In PaiGow, there are a number of ways in which you can bring down the house edge. Inexperienced players adversely affect their odds because they do not have a complete understanding of the game basics.

Learning the following tips can help you play the game more confidently and turn the table in your favor, at the same time enjoying the game fully.

Bank As and When Possible

In order to reduce the bad expectation to as low as zero, it is always best to bet the maximum when you are banking and the lowest when you are not banking. It is always profitable to bet as much as 14 times when you are banking than when you are not. Even if you suffer minor losses in the short term, you can turn the odds in your favor in the long term.

When a player is banking, most of the casinos limit his hands. The duty of a banker moves from the dealer to the players who are at the table. In case the player wants to skip the role of a banker, the chance moves on to the next player. Generally, a single player is allowed only to bank a single or a couple of hands in a row.

It would always be helpful for you to play on a table that has no players and dealer. This will help you to bank on every available hand.

Create the Best Two Card Hand

Novice PaiGow players take time to realize that 2-card hand is also as important as the 5-card hand. Most often, an inexperienced player will focus on creating a strength of 5-card hand without counting the forward cards.

It can always be profitable to seek the right combination that provides you favorable odds towards winning the 2 and 5 card hands. But, it should always be kept in mind that the front hand is never as strong as the behind hand.

Avoid Playing a Full House

While you arrange your hands in PaiGow, there are a number of examples to be observed. Never play as a upper hand with full house. This will provide the forward hand with a high card, meaning the player has to push. This is because these hands have a high probability of making a win.

Playing Three Pairs

When you have hands with three pairs, it can be most profitable to play with the highest pair in a hand with two cards. Any of the 2 pairs can give you a better chance of winning the 5-card hand. So, it is always best to play with the highest pair. This highly enhances your chances of beating any of the pair that the dealer may play.

In case you have 6 cards to a flush, it would always be profitable to play with the smallest high card for the flush. This helps you to keep a higher card for playing in the 2 card hand.

Requesting Help

With most of the casinos, requesting for help from the dealer in PaiGow poker can always get you valuable help. The help may seem like informing the players with the ways of the house.

In some of the card rooms, it is also allowed for PaiGow players to share advices between each other. This has really contributed to the popularity of this game. In case you do not find such help, the dealer is your best source of information.