Online Blackjack: Classic Casino Game

It goes without saying that online blackjack is considered to be an indispensable part of online casino. Indeed, it has a good deal of devotees among the gamblers around the world. It is due basically to its advantageous house edge.

Classic casino

Unlike roulette, blackjack is a gambling game, which requires some skills. It is obligatory for gamblers to get to know all the rules, moves, tips and strategies before playing blackjack.

How to Play Blackjack

It should be noticed that the common mistake of some gamblers is that they understand the purpose of the game in a wrong way. They believe that they should get a blackjack to win. Indeed, it is not quite so.

Actually, to win in a blackjack, a player should have more points than the dealer, but he should not get over 21 points. If it happens, it means that he busts. In other words, a player loses irrespectively of the dealer's points.

Moreover, to start a game the players should make wagers. After that, the dealer shuffles the cards and hands them out to the participants. So, every gambler has 2 cards.

One of the dealer's cards is shown to everyone. It is referred to as the up card. Indeed, it is of huge importance, because the lion's share of the blackjack strategies is based upon it.

The Cards Value

Furthermore, to succeed in this game, a player should be aware of the cards value. As far as the face cards are concerned, they are counted as 10 (for instance, Queen of diamonds = 10).

An Ace can be valued in two ways. It can be counted as 1 or 11 points. In fact, it depends on gambling situation and what is more appropriate for a player.

As for the rest of the cards, they are valued according to the numbers they have (Seven of clubs = 7). Besides, it should be said that suit of the cards is of no importance in this game.

The Moves in Blackjack

Indeed, here is a list of moves, which can be made in blackjack.

  • Hit - a player asks for one more card to improve his result.
  • Stand - a player omits his turn.
  • Split - if a gambler has a pair of the same cards (two Sevens), he may split them and proceed playing with 2 hands.
  • Double Down - a player doubles his bet, gets one more card and all his cards are counted as a final result.
  • Insurance - if a player supposes that the dealer has a blackjack, he may ask for insurance. In this case, he will save the half of his bet. Actually, it is rather tricky move and it is recommended to avoid it.