Blackjack Tips

Make Use of Basic Strategy

Learn and apply the basic blackjack strategies, without any concern for how you want to play the game. Since, Blackjack is more of a game based upon mathematics, so hunches and procrastination never allow you to win the games here. And the best tip for any blackjack player is to leave behind any kind of superstitions and stick to the analytical strategies of the game. Your chances of success increase when you master this most basic strategy and do not allow second guesses to dominate the game dynamics.

Check and Choose the Tables and Players

Your objective should be to find a table that allows you to play a fast and relaxing game without any kind of disturbance from anyone. There are a number of factors that can interfere with your game - slow and lousy players can reduce the amount of your wins, while drunken players can adversely interfere with the progress of the game. And, even sometimes mean dealers try to affect the mood of players, which can bring down your concentration in the game.

Completely Avoid Insurance

Insurance is always brings heavy losses. Even the name 'insurance' is a misnomer. It is only a side bet. And, in every case it is a bet based upon negative expectation. Insurance is mildly viable only in one situation. It is in case you are an experienced card counter. But that is beyond discussion in a place where Blackjack tips are being discussed.

Manage your bankroll properly

Proper management of the bank roll can help you reap profits in the long run. It not only enhances the number of your wins, but it also lets you enjoy the game for a longer period of time. Before sitting at a table, make it a rule to break your bank roll into the smallest bets, say 1/20 of the total. This will help your money to last longer. And in case you emerge as the advantage player, this tip will help you bring down your loss by a huge margin. The rules that apply to the management of bankroll in video poker, poker and craps, also apply to blackjack.

And all those rules come down to a single tip - play within the limits of your bankroll.

Tip the Dealer

Some blackjack players flinch at the idea of giving a tip to the dealer. There are many advantages of tipping a dealer including:

  • The dealer may delay the shuffling which can be of tremendous benefit to a card counter
  • Turning the dealer into a nice guy can help your further enjoy the game.
  • A tipped dealer can express his tells in a more obvious way, which can be an advantageous situation for you.

The above-mentioned blackjack tips can certainly put you the path to become a successful blackjack player. The tips may not take you deep into the strategies of the game, but they can surely guide you to take on the game with the right mindset.